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Urns & caskets for cremation ashes specialise in providing quality urns in which to store the cremation ashes of your loved ones, ideal to cherish their memory.  Funeral urns for cremation ashes are ideal options in which to lay your deceased loved ones ashes to rest peacefully and sensitively. offer various types of personalised urns at affordable prices, such as Full-size Large urns, Keepsake Small urns for adults to hold the token ashes (typically 0.15 litres), pet cremation urns for ashes, cremation jewellery urns. 

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Which cremation urn should I buy?

The substance or material making up your urn will be dictated by your intended memorial setting, specifically, for outdoors or direct burial of the remains, bronze and steel would be your best options.  For indoors and for the urn to add to the interior decor, wood, glass and ceramic would be best. If you need to scatter the ashes and you are looking for a biodegradable option, then cardboard or paper urns are the best options.  We also offer specialist tubes that can be used for scattering ashes.

With a broad variety of  designs urns can reflect tastes or hobbies of your loved one and can be made to be as unique as possible. The never ending list of choices includes traditional vases, Grecian urns, sporting goods, jewelry boxes, memorial rocks, and much more.

Heart shaped pet urns for the cremation ashes of dogs and cats are also available for keepsake ashes in several designs and colours.  All of our urns for cremation ashes are manufactured from high quality solid brass material and small keepsake urns for ashes are available in different mini colorful sizes and in teardrop and dome top designs.

We offer different sizes of memorial urns to hold all the cremation remains of an adult, mum urns, dad urns and pet urns to hold just a few teaspoons of the memory as a keepsake that ca be shared among the family. The sizes of our affordable urns for cremation ashes can vary from standard (200 cubic inches) to very small (50 cubic inches).  With many colours, you are spoilt for choice, we are sure there will be something to suit the personality of your loved one, ranging from bright, playful colours to elegant, sophisticated  and serene colours.