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Urns London

City of London cremations

The main crematorium for the cremation of humans in the City of London can be found here >>

Help with affordable funeral products 

We understand the expenses of funerals and often significant savings can be made by buying your funeral products such as urns, caskets, jewellery or keepsakes for cremation ashes from an urn distributor such as ourselves rather than from the funeral directors who areas of expertise lie elsewhere.  

For prompt delivery of urns and caskets for ashes  in the Londond area sell excellent quality affordable cremation urns for ashes at affordable.  We can deliver your funeral products to an address of your choice, this can include your chosen funeral director.

Each of our cremation urns are hand casted and designed making each piece unique.

Every cremation urn has a security lid ensuring a safe place for your loved ones ashes. 

These cremation urns can be kept anywhere and also be used as burial urns

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